Please arrive 10 minutes early in order to sign in, use the rest room, calm down, prepare for your session and ensure that you get your full treatment time.

If you are late, you will unfortunately lose the amount of time you are due, by the minutes you are late. While I try my best to accommodate your specific circumstance as a courtesy, I may not be able to make up the time lost since there is usually a session that immediately follows yours. In addition, I find it unfair to cause my next client inconvenience due to your being late.

I require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations and reschedules. In this case there is NO CHARGE.

Same day cancellations will incur a charge of 50% of the value of your session.

If you are a no show (not showing up for your appointment as scheduled without notice of cancellation or reschedule), you will be charged the full price of the scheduled session.

If your session was scheduled through a discounted voucher or gift certificate and you are a no show, your voucher will be redeemed for the full value of the scheduled session.

If you are being seen on a personal injury, automobile injury or work injury basis and your sessions are covered by those insurances, fees for cancellations and no shows will be billed directly to you, the client. Insurance will not cover those costs.

While I understand that we are all human and things in life often happen unexpectedly or perhaps beyond our control, it is important that my clients understand that the time that you schedule with me is not disposable nor is it a commodity that can be placed back on the shelf for someone else to purchase. When you miss your appointment, I’m sitting idle, when I could have been helping another client.

Thank you for your understanding.